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Bolinus Brandaris takes the listener to the Bay of Cadiz, which is often referred to as "cuna del cante" ("cradle of song"). This southernmost part of mainland Spain is considered the birthplace and heartland of flamenco, where many song styles originated then radiated out through the rest of Andalusia. Expertly recorded with modern technology in informal and natural environments, this is flamenco culture as it is being lived today. Generally speaking, modern flamenco recordings have often missed the mark for two reasons: either they were live recordings in which the recorded sound was a by-product of a staged concert event, or they were studio recordings that leaned heavily on studio techniques to make the music sound contemporary (i.e. isolation booths, added effects, multi-tracking). Bolinus Brandaris gives flamenco's fundamental elements -- voice and guitar -- their overdue spotlight. By excluding the often-overemphasized component of flamenco dance, this release provides context which will enrich any flamenco experience. Featuring Trini de la Isla, Juani de la Isla, Jesus Castilla, Ana Polanco, Victor Rosa, Pedrín de la Isla , Jesus Guerrero, and El Niño del Parque. Comes with a 96-page, 9.25" x 6.25" x 5" hardcover book printed on artbook-quality paper with 46 color photos.

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