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Sub Rosa is the home of "out-of-range" artists that share a passion for music, in every form possible. They may hail from Japan, UK, USA, Germany, from all over the world, but they all share a common taste for experimentation -- not necessarily in a radical way, but often closer to some level of "abstract" forms of expression. The proof that besides the commercial circuit and the deep underground movements... there is life! The label creates connections between past, present and future. The perfect example would be the Noise Anthology series, which reaches back into the past and unlocks the vaults that offer a selection of rare and unreleased "early-electronicians," as well as presenting contemporary artists who are well ahead of their time but who are thinking in the same ways as their elders did, trying to push forward both art and music. Other releases from Luc Ferrari, Martyn Bates, Eyeless In Gaza, Stephen Vitiello, Brion Gysin, Winter Family and a fantastic release of Persian electronic music.