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Since its first release in 1982, Touch has created sonic and visual productions that combine innovation with a level of care and attention that has made it the most enduring of any independent music company of its time. The first period up to the digitization of music in the mid-80s saw releases of several cassette magazines, where sounds by luminaries such as New Order, Cabaret Voltaire and The Residents were paralleled by visual work and writing by Neville Brody, Jon Savage, Joseph Beuys and many others. As the industry went through its usual elaborate cycles of self-annihilation and rebirth, Touch adapted to incorporate new technologies with the old, underscoring the power and necessity of editing and presentation to bring the best out of each production. Now working extensively with Fennesz, Chris Watson, Philip Jeck, Biosphere, Ryoji Ikeda, BJNilsen and many others, Touch celebrated its 26th year in 2007! The transitions from analog to digital, from camera-ready artwork to broadband file-sharing and from 1/4Ó masters to web site downloads are only the surface manifestations of the great changes that have taken place in recorded music over the last 25 years. Touch has been at the forefront of these changes, and will continue to be. A brief history of the label can be found here: