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Out Here records represents the growing tide of young urban music from all over the world. A mix of hip-hop, reggae or salsa fused with local elements is popping up planet-wide. It has become a form of local expression, a medium for youth to give its perspective. The days of regional thinking are over -- where Africans play the drums and Europeans twiddle with computers. The world is networking, ska fans from Russia are checking out alternative Latin bands from Mexico. Hip-hop/reggae acts from Dakar are visiting India as members of the African Social Forum. This new, fresh, urban mix has been happening for quite a while now, but so far the world has chosen to keep on dreaming. Exoticism is for tourists. It's time to listen to the fully globalized youth telling its story. So wake up and welcome to what's out here. Out Here Records was started in 2004 by music journalist Jay Rutledge, based in Munich/Bavaria, who has compiled such collections as Africa Raps, Mzansi Music or Globalista (Trikont) and Dakar Raps (Greenpeace) before deciding to set up a platform for young urban music from the rest of the world.