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After some line-up shuffling and a brief hiatus, the band resurfaced with a new aesthetic and a new line-up featuring several virtuoso players from Austin's fertile rock scene: Sam Arnold on acoustic guitar and electric bass, Leila Henley on saxes, flute, and vocals, and Charlie Duncan on drums and percussion. In 2016, the band announced their return with a series of jaw-dropping performances around Central Texas, culminating with two shows alongside legendary avant-progressive explorers Thinking Plague. Following this, they once again went into hiding to woodshed and record their follow-up, Lightworks. The new incarnation of the band brought about a shift in style, balancing the hyper-electric sound of their debut with acoustic instruments, longer compositions that unfold at a more relaxed and confident pace, and a newfound spiritual dimension that permeates every aspect of the proceedings. Stop Motion Orchestra is equally inspired by an obsession with obscure creative music from around the world, a commitment to the development of a unique, idiosyncratic musical language that reflects a complex multicultural background, and a natural creative restlessness that appears as a coherent trajectory only in hindsight.